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Dr. Rama’s Test Tube Baby Centre

Dr. Rama’s Test Tube Baby Centre is one of the pioneer fertility institutes in south India with seven branches at different strategic location. Our team of doctors and in house embryologist are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in fertility care and has helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of parenthood. With our more than two decades experience, state of ART laboratory, personal care and leading edge programs we can provide excellent chance of conceiving and having successful pregnancy.

Dr. Rama’s IVF centre is a complete Infertility treatment centre founded by Dr. Papolu Rama Devi. Her clinical efforts have won national and international recognition, enabling her to assemble an exceptional team.

Our goal is to help you build a healthy family as efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively Infertility Treatment possible while taking into consideration your personal needs and situations.
Sofar we have treated thousands of Infertile couples & individuals. We understand the emotional and financial stress couples are undergoing and we take care for that. Our Patients feels happy with us because of our heart flutters along with theirs for the cause. Also we empathies with them because of our utmost care, concern and affection, the couples feels our clinics like home. We are expertise in treating infertility related problems from most simplest to most difficult, resistant cases of infertility, including woman over 40 & those who have failed at other IVF Centers. We are committed to combining excellent medical care with a warm, friendly approach.
We assure you that you will feel most comfortable and relaxed while undergoing treatment with us. You are in safe hands of Infertility experts and most experienced Infertilitly Doctors, and our other team members, which will work for one single goal – “to convert your dream in to reality”.

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