Many couples experiencing male factor infertility may choose to undergo donor insemination for IUI or IVF procedures in order to achieve pregnancy.

Indication for sperm donation:

1. If there are significant abnormal semen characteristics
2. Irreversible azoospermia
3. A previous vasectomy
4. Previous radiation or chemotherapy treatment or another irreversible male fertility factor
5. Carriers of a known hereditary or genetic disorder
6. If the female is Rh sensitized and the male is Rh positive
7. Single women who desire pregnancy.

Screening – Anonymous donors :-

- A thorough medical history of the donor and his family
- Donors should be between 21 to 45 years – preferably have established fertility
- Genetic screening for common diseases, Rh factor, hepatitis B & C, HIV and other STDs.
- Donors physical traits, personal habits, education, hobbies, talents, height and weight and a complete semen analysis.

[ If recipients wish to match certain characteristics – our sperm bank will provide the necessary information.]

Screening – known donors :-

Sometimes couples wish to use a known donor or a relative of the husband. Criteria for screening of known donor will be same as described above