EV Charging Infrastructure Design

The Benefits Of Smart EV Charging Solutions

As more drivers go owning electric cars, smart EV chargers are becoming a must-have amenity for workplaces, businesses, condos and apartment buildings. Our fully-networked, grid-responsive charging infrastructure design solution can maximize your EV infrastructure investment and provide access to best- in-class EV charging to your customers, guests, and employees.

What Types of EV Charging Stations Are There?

There are three levels of EV charging stations available

Level 1

Your Basic Wall Plug

Level 1 chargers are just regular wall outlets, the same thing you’d plug your phone into to charge. As you might expect, it takes a very long time to charge an EV’s battery with a Level 1 charger. It is the slowest charging type and adds approximately 8 km of range per hour

Level 2


Up to 30-40 km/hour

Found at Most Public Charging Stations

The goal of a Level 2 charger is not to fill up your EV as quickly as possible. Rather, Level 2 chargers will fill up most vehicles within a couple of hours without putting an unreasonable demand for power on your building’s existing electrical infrastructure.

Level 3


Up to 300 km/hour

Level 3 chargers, also known as DC fast charging, offer 10 to 20 times the charging speed than level 2 chargers. In other words, 15 minutes at a Level 3 station could provide the same charge as 5 hours at a Level 2 station. Level 3 charging units come at a substantial premium and require additional infrastructure.

Our Commercial EV charging infrastructure design includes:

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Our process includes:

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Incentive Program

Investing in EV charging infrastructure now a days is more affordable than before. Federal, Provincial Governments and utilities offer an array of tax benefits, grants and rebates that can help you to build your EV infrastructure at a minimum cost.