Dr. Papolu Rama Devi and her team members regularly writes articles and answers the queries in daily, weekly and medical magazine. Few answers publish in the News Papers are as below.

Q : Dear Doctor, I am 44+ , a foreigner, now living in India, as my in-laws are here. My husband and I are having an adopted son of 7 years old. I had a late marriage. Back in my homeland I went for so many tests. I was told that one of my fallopian tubes is twisted and another is blocked by blood-clog of 2 inches. The doctors there told me to go for a test-tube baby. But being a catholic my people rejected the idea. My husband’s sperm test result is good and he loves children. As age caught up with me, we decided to drop the idea of getting pregnant and we decided for the adoption. My son doesn’t know the truth, for the past 2 years he is asking for a baby sister or a brother. So I told my son Mummy will get for him an adopted sister or a brother, but he insists on a baby out of my stomach ! Recently I read in the papers (Indian Express) that a lady in America gave birth to her first born in April at the age of 48 and going for second delivery (twins). This has motivated me and I felt I still have HOPE. My periods are very regular and normal 5 days flow. My womb is in very good condition, but I have never conceived not even once in my 16 years of married life. My questions are 1) Is there any possibility other than test tube baby for me to get pregnant ? 2) Even if I don’t get pregnant, will the blockage in my fallopian tube cause any kind of cancer or a threat to may life? (I am not afraid of the call of death but I have to go on living for the sake of my one and only beloved adopted son, who is very very young. As for him I am all his world. .

There is no history of infertility in any other members in both of our families. That too points that the fault lies with me !

Please help me as I am desperate and my hopes are all on you.